Chapter 2.  Dbstl Container Classes

A dbstl container is very much like a C++ STL container.

It stores a collection of data items, or key/data pairs. Each container is backed by a Berkeley DB database created in an explicit database environment or an internal private environment; And the database itself can be created explicitly with all kinds of configurations, or by dbstl internally. For each type of container, some specific type of database and/or configurations must be used or specified to the database and its environment. dbstl will check the database and environment conform to the requirement. When users don't have a chance to specify a container's backing database and environment, like in copy constructors, dbstl will create proper databases and/or environment for it. There are two helper functions to make it easier to create/open an environment or database, they are dbstl::open_db() and dbstl::open_env() ;

See Also

dbstl::open_db() dbstl::open_env() db_vector db_map db_multimap db_set db_multiset

Public Members

Member Description
db_container db_container
db_map db_map
db_multimap db_multimap
db_set db_set
db_multiset db_multiset
db_vector db_vector