International Support for Crystal Ball

This version of Crystal Ball is supported on non-English versions of Microsoft Windows with Microsoft Office in the same language. This latest release of Crystal Ball is available in English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish. Crystal Ball, Microsoft Windows, and Microsoft Excel should all be installed in the same language. Users of other languages who want to use Crystal Ball with Windows Vista or Microsoft Excel 2007 or later must download and install the English version of Crystal Ball 7.3.x or 11.1.x.

If you are using this version on an English operating system with non-English regional settings, Oracle recommends that you install the Microsoft Multilingual User Interface (MUI) Pack for your version of Microsoft Office. (These are called Language Packs for Microsoft Office 2007 or later.) If you do not install the Microsoft MUI Pack, Microsoft Excel is displayed with the regional formatting and Crystal Ball is displayed with English formatting. For more information about the MUI Pack, see and search for MUI Pack on the Microsoft Web site.


If you are using Crystal Ball on a non-English version of Microsoft Excel 2007 or later and you save a Crystal Ball model in .xls format to one of the Microsoft Excel 2007 or later formats (.xlsx, .xlsb, or .xlsm), a warning message is displayed. This message explains that the scripts in the workbook are an unsupported feature. Please ignore this message. The Crystal Ball data will be saved. For best results, Crystal Ball should be open when the model is saved.


If you switch back and forth between English and translated versions of Crystal Ball, preference strings—including folder names in the Distribution Gallery—may be displayed in the language that was previously installed. If this occurs, delete the localized preferences folder. The next time you start Crystal Ball, preferences will be displayed with strings in the current language. To delete the preferences folder, see Finding Preferences Files.