Oracle Crystal Ball Enterprise Performance Management (Crystal Ball EPM) is a graphically-oriented forecasting and risk analysis application that helps reduce the uncertainty of decision-making. Unlike other versions of Oracle Crystal Ball, Crystal Ball EPM includes integration with the following Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System applications:

You can use these connectors to run simulations on application data using the applications' own business rules or other logic.

You can also use Crystal Ball EPM within Smart View to build models based on any data that can be entered into Smart View directly or loaded from applications that are compatible with Smart View.

Through a technique known as Monte Carlo simulation, Crystal Ball EPM forecasts the entire range of results possible for a given situation. It also shows you confidence levels, so you will know the likelihood of any specific event taking place.

Crystal Ball EPM is easy to learn and use. Unlike other forecasting and risk analysis programs, you do not have to learn unfamiliar formats or special modeling languages. You do not need highly advanced statistical or computer knowledge to use Crystal Ball EPM to its full potential. All you need is a basic working knowledge of your personal computer and Crystal Ball EPM, and familiarity with either Strategic Finance or Smart View and one of these compatible products: Essbase or Planning. In fact, if you use the procedures described in Using Crystal Ball EPM Models in Smart View, you can work with virtually any EPM System product that can have data loaded into a Smart View worksheet.

This Integration Guide explains how to use Crystal Ball EPM with other EPM System products. For basic information about adding Crystal Ball assumptions, decision variables, and forecasts to projects and worksheets, see the Oracle Crystal Ball User's Guide.