About Predictor

Forecasting is an important part of many business decisions. Every organization must set goals, try to predict future events, and then act to fulfill the goals. As the timeliness of market actions becomes more important, the need for accurate planning and forecasting throughout an organization is essential to get ahead. The difference between good and bad forecasting can affect the success of an entire organization.

Predictor is an easy-to-use, graphically oriented forecasting feature included in:

If you have historical data in your spreadsheet model, Predictor analyzes the data for trends and seasonal variations. It then predicts future values based on this information. You can answer questions such as, “What are the likely sales figures for next quarter?” or, “How much material do we need to have on hand?” As an added benefit, you can automatically save Predictor forecasts as Crystal Ball assumptions for immediate use in powerful risk analysis models. See Getting Started with Predictor, for an overview of how Predictor works and what it can do for you.

Predictor runs on several versions of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Excel. For a list of required hardware and software, see the current Oracle Crystal Ball Installation and Licensing Guide.