Logging on to EPM Workspace and Accessing Calculation Manager

To access Calculation Manager, you must log on to EPM Workspace and launch Calculation Manager from within it.

  To log on to EPM Workspace and access Calculation Manager:

  1. From a Web browser, enter http://<WebServer>:<port>/workspace/, where <WebServer> is the Web server computer host name and <port> is the Web server listen port. For example, the port number is 19000 if you are using the Apache instance configured with Oracle Hyperion Reporting and Analysis.


    The Shared Services server, the EPM Workspace server, the Calculation Manager server, and the Performance Management Architect application server and dimension server (if you want to work with Performance Management Architect applications) must all be running before you launch Calculation Manager. See the Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Installation and Configuration Guide.

  2. In the EPM Workspace logon dialog, enter your system user name and password and click Log On.

    For information on setting up the URL, see the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Workspace Administrator’s Guide.


    If an error message displays indicating that Performance Management Architect is unable to authenticate the user, ensure the following: the user is provisioned for the application (if not, use Shared Services to provision the user), or the user's token or session is not timed out (in this case, log off, then log back on to start a new session).

  3. To access Calculation Manager, select Navigate, Administer, and Calculation Manager.

    The System View of Calculation Manager is displayed with a list of the Financial Management, Planning, and/or Essbase applications to which you have access.

    Depending on the user role you are assigned in Shared Services (you must have a role of interactive user or administrator), you can use Calculation Manager to view, create, and manage business rules, business rulesets, and components. (See the Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System User and Role Administration Guide.)