Uninstalling Analytics Link

To remove an instance of Analytics Link from a computer, you must use the same version of Oracle Universal Installer that was used to install Analytics Link.

  To uninstall Analytics Link:

  1. Shut down all service instances related to your Analytics Link installation.

    • Administration Services Console

    • Data Synchronization Server

    • Analytics Link Server

  2. Run the version of the Oracle Universal Installer that was used to install the Analytics Link release you are uninstalling.

    • Windows: From the Start menu, select Programs, then Oracle - OUI_Home_Name, then Oracle Installation Products, and then Universal Installer.

    • Linux (64-bit): Change the root directory to OUI_11.2_installation_location/oui/bin; then enter:

  3. Choose Deinstall Products.

  4. On the Contents tab, in the list of installed Oracle products, select the instance of Analytics Link that you want to uninstall.

  5. Click Remove, and then Yes.