Managing Filters

Filters control security access to data values, or cells, in a database. Filters are the most granular form of security available in Essbase.

When you use Filter Editor to create a filter, you designate a set of restrictions on particular database cells or on a range of database cells. You can then assign the filter to any users or groups on the Essbase Server. Filter information is stored in the Essbase security file (essbase.sec). For complete information about filters and controlling access to database cells, see the Oracle Essbase Database Administrator's Guide.

Your own security permissions determine how you can create, assign, edit, copy, rename, or delete filters:

  To manage filters for a database:

  1. From Enterprise View or a custom view, select a database.

  2. Right-click and select Edit, then Filters.

    The Filters window displays all filters for that database. From the Filters window, you can perform the following tasks:

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