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Interface CMenuPosition

All Known Implementing Classes:
CalcMenuItem, CalcReportScriptMenuItem, CCheckBoxMenuItem, CHelpMenuItem, CMenu, CMenuItem, CSeparator, DPCheckBoxMenuItem, DPMenuItem, EditorMenuItem, EssbaseCheckBoxMenuItem, EssbaseMenu, EssbaseMenuItem, ReportMenuItem, ScriptMenuItem, ScriptMenuItem

public interface CMenuPosition

Provides an interface for menu merging, relative positioning, etc. We need this type of interface for menu items, separators, and menus themselves. called.


1.00, 08/03/2000
Hank Cox
See Also:
CMenuItem, CMenuSeparator, CMenu

Method Summary
 int getPosition()
          retrieves the relative menu position for this menu item.
 void setPosition(int position)


Method Detail


int getPosition()
retrieves the relative menu position for this menu item. Values should normally be expressed in positive values. A value < 0 will be read as if they are larger than any other number; i.e., append when doing merging.


void setPosition(int position)

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