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Class LoadRuleLogic

  extended by com.essbase.eas.essbase.server.LoadRuleLogic

public class LoadRuleLogic
extends java.lang.Object

Constructor Summary


Method Summary
 boolean copy(EssSession destSession, java.lang.String destApp, java.lang.String destDb, java.lang.String destRule, EssSession srcSession, java.lang.String srcApp, java.lang.String srcDb, java.lang.String srcRule)
          Currenly only cross server copy is enabled
 boolean delete(EssSession session, java.lang.String appName, java.lang.String dbName, java.lang.String loadRuleName)
          deletes a Load Rules file
 java.util.List getList(EssSession session, java.lang.String appName, java.lang.String dbName)


Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait


Constructor Detail


public LoadRuleLogic()

Method Detail


public java.util.List getList(EssSession session,
                              java.lang.String appName,
                              java.lang.String dbName)


public boolean delete(EssSession session,
                      java.lang.String appName,
                      java.lang.String dbName,
                      java.lang.String loadRuleName)
deletes a Load Rules file
session - - session object for this command.
appName - - name of application containing the calc to be deleted.
dbName - - name of database containing the calc to be deleted.
loadRuleName - - name of the load rules file to delete
true if the delete succeeds. What do we do about messages if the call fails?


public boolean copy(EssSession destSession,
                    java.lang.String destApp,
                    java.lang.String destDb,
                    java.lang.String destRule,
                    EssSession srcSession,
                    java.lang.String srcApp,
                    java.lang.String srcDb,
                    java.lang.String srcRule)
Currenly only cross server copy is enabled

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