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Package com.essbase.eas.framework.defs.command

Interface Summary
CommandManager Defines the methods that must be supported by an implementing command manager.
CommandRequestor Provides the definition for classes that request commands be sent to a web-based server.
CommandResultListener Defines the interface for an object that wishes to listen for results of commands.


Class Summary
BinaryMessage This is a utility class used by the DefaultCommandManager to decode some of the results returned for some commands.
CommandArgument Describes command arguments that are used by the framework when parsing client commands and routing them to the correct command listener.
CommandDescriptor Describes commands that are implemented by command listeners in the server framework.
CommandRequest Provides information about a command request.
CommandRequestThread CommandRequestThread objects are used by command manager objects to run command requests in background threads.
CommandResult Encapsulates the information returned by sending a command to a server through the framework command packages.
CommandResultAdapter An abstract adapter class for receiving command result events.
CommandResultEvent Encapsulates information about the results of a command request, and used to notify command result listeners of the results.
CommandStatus Extends the XMLTransferMessage class to include information about the status of a command.
CommandString Implementation of a specialized String class that the framework relies on to generate unique command names across plug-ins and for communication between the client and server portions of the framework.
DefaultCommandManager Default implementation of a CommandManager interface.
DefaultCommandRequestor Provides a default implementation of the CommandRequestor interface.


Exception Summary
CommandFailureException Signals that a command sent to the EAS server did not complete as expected.
CommandRequestException Thrown when a command request is routed to a command manager and the command manager can't construct a proper command to send to the server.


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