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Interface ScopeType

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public interface ScopeType

Framework applications use the concept of scope types to generate a set of managed storage repositories. The idea is that data being transported, retreived, generated, etc. can be retained for different periods of time; i.e., there is a "scope" associated with all data and requests. Two examples of a scope type are "user" and "request". The standard set of scope types are defined in the DefaultScopeType class. Warning: any class implementing this interface needs to ensure that the names of the scope types don't conflict with the names implemented by the DefaultScopeType class; for this reason, we strongly recommend that anyone wishing to add functionality by introducing new scope types do so be extending the DefaultScopeType class rather than by implementing this interface.

6.5.2, 10/01/02
Hank Cox, Painted Word
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Method Summary
 java.lang.String getName()
          returns the name of this scope type.


Method Detail


java.lang.String getName()
returns the name of this scope type.

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