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Uses of Interface

Packages that use UserDAO


Uses of UserDAO in com.essbase.eas.server.dao


Classes in com.essbase.eas.server.dao that implement UserDAO
 class XMLUserDAO


Methods in com.essbase.eas.server.dao that return UserDAO
abstract  UserDAO RegistryDAOFactory.createUserDAO()


Uses of UserDAO in com.essbase.eas.server.dao.csf


Classes in com.essbase.eas.server.dao.csf that implement UserDAO
 class CSFUserDAO


Methods in com.essbase.eas.server.dao.csf that return UserDAO
 UserDAO CSFDAOFactory.createUserDAO()


Uses of UserDAO in com.essbase.eas.server.dao.jdbc


Classes in com.essbase.eas.server.dao.jdbc that implement UserDAO
 class JdbcUserDAO


Methods in com.essbase.eas.server.dao.jdbc that return UserDAO
 UserDAO JdbcRegistryDAOFactory.createUserDAO()


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