Editing the Shared Services Registry

  To edit the Shared Services Registry:

  1. Back up the Shared Services Registry.

  2. On a machine hosting the 11.1.x Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System software, go to EPM_ORACLE_INSTANCE/bin and run the following command:

    epmsys_registry view componentType

    You need to view the component hierarchy to get the component property names that required to delete a component or update a component property.

    For information see Viewing the Components in the Shared Services Registry.

  3. Depending on the required changes, refer to the following commands:

    To delete a component, see Deleting a Component Instance.

    To update a component property, see Updating a Component Property.


    When you run epmsys_registry commands on UNIX platforms, all # must be preceded by \.

  4. If you changed the LOGICAL_WEB_APP property for any product, run Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Configurator and configure the Web Server again. (On the Task Selection page, select the Oracle Hyperion Foundation Services Web Server Configuration task.)