Essbase Maintenance Release Installation Prerequisites

If you are applying the maintenance release to move from Essbase Release 11.1.2 to Release, you must first export linked reporting object (LRO) information from the 11.1.2 database. After installing and configuring, you import the exported linked reporting objects.

  To export linked reporting objects from Essbase Release 11.1.2:

  1. On the machine hosting the Release 11.1.2 installation, back up the application linked reporting object data to a specified directory by using the following MAXL command:

    EXPORT database DBS-NAME LRO to server directory ‘directoryName’;

    For example:

    MAXL> EXPORT database Sample.Basic LRO to server directory ‘V1’;

    In this example, Sample.Basic LRO data is exported to Sample-Basic-V1 in ARBORPATH/app.

  2. Remove the application linked reporting object data with the following MAXL command:

    ALTER database DBS-NAME delete LRO all

    For example:

    MAXL> ALTER database sample.basic delete LRO all;
  3. Shut down the Essbase Release 11.1.2 server.

  4. Install and configure Essbase Release

  5. Import the linked reporting objects to Essbase Release

    For details on this step, see Importing Linked Reporting Objects.