Using a Single Script to Start Services

EPM System Installer installs a single start script in EPM_ORACLE_INSTANCE/bin, called start.bat|sh. Running the single start script on a machine in your EPM System deployment starts all EPM System services installed on that machine.

To launch the single start script from the Start menu, Select Start, then Programs, then Oracle EPM System, then Foundation Services, and then Start EPM System. Run this start script on each machine in your environment.

The single start script works by calling the individual start scripts for every product in the recommended startup order, specified in Summary List of Services and Processes. Before you can use a service in this list, services preceding it in the list must be started. When you use the single start script, some services may start before services they depend on start (because startup times vary). When this happens, you may need to wait to use some services while other services finish initializing.

After the single start script completes, you can run EPM System Diagnostics to determine which services on a machine are running. See Validating the Installation and Verifying Deployment.

A single stop script, stop.bat|sh is also installed in EPM_ORACLE_INSTANCE/bin. Running the stop script on a machine in your EPM System deployment stops all EPM System products on that machine.