Modifying ODL Configuration Files

You can modify a product's logging.xml file with a text editor to specify property settings for any of its logs. For example, you can change the message type and logging level, and you can change the settings for properties that control log rotation and log file retention.

The following sample procedure changes the message type and logging level for Profitability and Cost Management from NOTIFICATION :1 to TRACE:32 for Profitability and Cost Management. The sample procedure also increases the maximum file size, which is the size at which the log is automatically rotated. You can use the same steps with different file locations to change all configurable log property settings for any EPM System product that uses ODL.

  To modify the message type, logging level, and maximum log file size for in the configuration file logging.xml:

  1. Navigate to logging.xml for your product. See EPM System Product Logging Matrix.

    For example, for Profitability and Cost Management, navigate to this default location:


  2. Open logging.xml in a text editor.

  3. Locate this line in logging.xml:

    <logger name=”oracle.EPMPCM” level=”NOTIFICATION:1” useParentHandlers=”false”>
  4. Modify the line to change the message type and logging level; for example:

    <logger name=”oracle.EPMPCM” level=”TRACE:32” useParentHandlers=”false”>
  5. To change the maximum file size for log files, modify the MaxFileSize setting.

  6. Save the modified logging.xml file.

Your changes take effect when you restart the product or component.