Installation, Configuration, and Diagnostic Logs

EPM System Installer, EPM System Configurator, and EPM System Diagnostics use the ODL logging format. See ODL. For information about log configuration files, see ODL Configuration or Log4j Configuration.

Table 12. EPM System Installation, Configuration, and Diagnostics Log Files

ProductDefault Log LocationLog File Name and Contents
EPM System InstallerEPM_ORACLE_HOME/diagnostics/logs/install
  • common-install.log–Common Component files activity; for example, ODBC

  • common-ocm-install.log–Oracle Configuration Manager activity

  • common-ohs-install.log–Activity of Oracle HTTP Server

  • common-ohs-oui-out.log–Oracle Universal Installer information about Oracle HTTP Server installation, if Oracle HTTP Server is installed

  • Common-opmn-install.log–Oracle Process Manager and Notification Server installation messages

  • common-opmn-patchset-oui-out–OPMN installation patchset trace log messages

  • common-oracle-common-install–General log messages for appdev (oracle_common) installation

  • common-oracle-common-oui-out–OUI log messages for appdev (oracle_common) installation

  • common-product-install.log–Product common component files activity; for example, ADM drivers, CRS utility

  • common-staticcontent-install.log–Static content files (for example, Help) for each product on the Web server machine

  • common-wl-install.log–Embedded WebLogic installation activity

  • dotNetInstall.log–Messages for 32-bit .Net installation

  • dotNet35Install.log.Net 3.5 installation messages

  • dotNetInstall64.log64-bit .Net installation messages

  • dotNetRegister.log–Messages for 32-bit .Net registration

  • dotNetRegister64.log–Messages for 64-bit .Net registration

  • eas-install–Administration Services installation messages

  • EPM_EASConsoleInstallLog–Administration Services Console Windows client installer messages

  • EPM_SVCInstallLog–Smart View Windows installer messages

  • epma-register-profilereaderdll-stderr.log–Error log for registering HFMProfielReader.dll

  • epma-register-profilereaderdll-stdout.log–Trace log for registering HFMProfileReader.dll

  • epma-register-zlibdll-stderr.log–Error log for registering ZLib.dll

  • epma-register-zlibdll-stdout.log–Trace log for registering ZLib.dll

  • hfm-cacls-filetransfer-stderr.log–Error log for setting cacls on the file transfer folder

  • hfm-cacls-filetransfer-stdout.log–Trace log for setting cacls on the file transfer folder

  • hfm-cacls-lcmservice-stderr.log–Error log for setting cacls for lcm service folder

  • hfm-cacls-lcmservice-stdout.log–Trace log for setting cacls for lcm service folder

  • hfm-registerclientdlls64–Errors for each 64-bit client DLL registration

  • hfm-registerclientdlls.log–Errors for each 32-bit client DLL registration

  • hfm-registercommondlls.log–Trace log for each client DLL registration

  • hfm-registerdlladmclient-stderr.log–Error log for each ADM client DLL registration

  • hfm-registerdlladmclient-stdout.log–Trace log for each ADM client DLL registration

  • hfm-registerdllclient-stderr.log–Error log for each client DLL registration

  • hfm-registerdllclient-stdout.log–Trace log for each client DLL registration

  • hfm-registerdllcommon-stderr.log–Error log for each common DLL registration

  • hfm-registerdllcommon-stdout.log–Trace log for each common DLL registration

  • hfm-registerserverdlls.log–Error log for each server DLL registration

  • hfm-regWinHttpErr.log–Error log for registering winhttp.dll

  • hfm-regWinHttpOut.log–Trace log for registering winhttp.dll

  • hfmsvcs-regAsyncCallback-stderr.log–Error log for registering AsyncCallback.dll

  • hfmsvcs-regAsyncCallback-stdout.log–Trace log for registering AsyncCallback.dll

  • hfm-updatereg-stderr.log–Error log for creating Financial Management Windows registry entries

  • hfm-updatereg-stdout.log–Trace log for creating Financial Management Windows registry entries

  • install-ocm-configCCR-output–Part 1 of Oracle Configuration Manager setup processing messages

  • install-ocm-output.log–Oracle Configuration Manager file information

  • install-ocm-configCCR-output–Part 2of Oracle Configuration Manager setup processing messages

  • installTool-install-DDD-MM.DD.YYYY-TIME.log–Main log written by EPM System Installer to log user activity

  • installTool-install-stderr.log–Errors filtered from console output

  • installTool-install-stdout.log–Console output

  • PRODUCT—install.log–Information about whether a product assembly installation fails

    Each assembly has a log file.

    For example, hss-install.log for Shared Services

  • installTool-summary-DDD-MM.DD.YYYY-TIME.log–Results of checks that EPM System Installer performs

  • irclient-fontreg-stderr.log–Error log for registering font files

  • irclient-fontreg-stdout.log–Trace log for registering font files

  • ismpEngine-install-stderr–Internal log file for InstallShield messages

  • wl_install_err.log–WebLogic install-time log, errors

  • wl_install_out.log–WebLogic install-time log, complete log

EPM System ConfiguratorEPM_ORACLE_INSTANCE/diagnostics/logs/config
  • cmconfig.log–Trace information generated during Reporting and Analysis configuration from Reporting and Analysis (CMC) APIs called

  • configtool.log–Configuration task output and warning messages

  • configtool-http-ant.log–Trace from ant code executed during Web server setup

  • ConfigTool-stdout.log–Console output

  • Configtool-appdeployment.log–Trace of deployment steps

  • configtool_summary.log–Summary status about pass/fail tasks

  • configtool-wasdeployment.log–WebSphere configuration set up messages

  • EssbaseExternalizationTask.log–Trace information for the Essbase externalization process executed during Essbase custom configuration

  • listener.logApplication listener messages generated on startup for each Web application; one file for all applications

  • SharedServices_CMSClient.log–Shared Services CMS client trace, generated during configuration when CMS calls are made

  • ocm-config.log–Oracle Configuration Manager configuration log

  • registry.log–Trace of Oracle Hyperion Shared Services Registry calls made during configuration

  • SharedServices_Security.log–Shared Services Registry registration log

EPM System Diagnostics


EPM System Diagnostics also creates a validation tool report, instance_report_20110305_121855.html, in EPM_ORACLE_INSTANCE/diagnostics/reports.

  • validation.log–Summary- level information for each check performed, indicating success or failure


    A file name validation-n.log indicates that the log has rolled over because of size limits.

  • validationTool-stdout.log–Detail-level information for each validation checked performed

  • validationTool-stderr.log–Error information generated during diagnostic utility execution

  • velocity.log–Diagnostic utility trace generated by velocity component calls

EPM System starter

Windows–WebLogic Server: EPM_ORACLE_INSTANCE/diagnostics/logs/services

UNIX–WebLogic Server: EPM_ORACLE_INSTANCE/diagnostics/logs/starter

A startercomponent.log file for each product component started by start.bat (Windows) or (UNIX)

A UNIX starter log contains the full start sequence trace.

A Windows starter log contains whatever the product components write to stdout.