Lifecycle Management and Migration

Lifecycle Management provides a consistent way for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System products to migrate an application, a repository, or individual artifacts across product environments and operating systems.


A migration differs from an upgrade. An upgrade replaces an earlier software release with a current release or one product with another. Migration copies all or part of an application instance from one operating environment to another; for example, it copies an application from development to testing or from testing to production.

Artifacts are individual application or repository items; for example, scripts, Web and data forms, rules files, documents, financial reports, and so forth. The application and repository artifacts are organized into categories by product.

The Lifecycle Management interface is integrated with Oracle Hyperion Shared Services Console.

Generally, the Lifecycle Management interface in Shared Services Console is consistent for all EPM System products that support Lifecycle Management. However, EPM System products display different artifact listings and export and import options in the Lifecycle Management interface. For a listing of artifacts and export and import options by product, see the appendixes at the end of this guide.