Running Lifecycle Management Utility

Lifecycle Management Utility offers the following options:

Errors encountered during migration are defined by logging.xml in the MIDDLEWARE_HOME/user_projects/epmsystem1/Config/FoundationServices directory and the property. Monitor the error log to understand issues encountered during the migration process.

  To run Lifecycle Management Utility:

  1. If migrating, back up the destination environment.

    See Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System Backup and Recovery Guide.

  2. Open a command prompt window.

  3. Change the directory to the location of Utility.bat (Windows) or (UNIX); for example, MIDDLEWARE_HOME/user_projects/epmsystem1/bin.

  4. Execute Lifecycle Management Utility by entering the following text at the command prompt:

    Utility.bat c:/lcm/lcmdefinition.xml

    where c:/lcm/lcmdefinition.xml is the location of the migration definition file