Transforming Classic Applications into Performance Management Architect

To use Performance Management Architect for application administration, you can transform applications being managed using Financial Management Classic Administration, Planning Classic Administration, or Essbase.

For information on Classic Application Administration features (for applications not being managed using Performance Management Architect), see the Oracle Hyperion Planning Administrator's Guide or the Oracle Hyperion Financial Management Administrator's Guide.


Applications must be migrated to Release before they are moved.

If you transform an application created in Classic Application Administration to Performance Management Architect, the application cannot return to Classic Application Administration.

Tasks To Complete Before You Move Applications

  To transform Classic applications to Performance Management Architect:

  1. In EPM Workspace, select Navigate, then Administer, and then Transform Classic to EPM Architect.

  2. Review the Welcome screen, and then click Next.

    The Application Summary page displays the applications to which the user has access to transform. (This information is provided from the Shared Services server. If an application cannot be transformed, an explanation is provided.)

  3. Click Next.

  4. On the Application Selection page, add the application(s) that you want to transform to the Application to Transform list and then click Next.

  5. Review the summary of applications to transform, and then click Next to execute the transformation.

  6. Click Finish.

    To check on the progress of the transformation, navigate to the Library Job Console. (Navigate, then Administer, and then Library Job Console). If the transformation of applications to Performance Management Architect is not successful, you can view detailed information about the transformation in the Import Job log in the Library Job Console—Attachments area. See Working with the Job Console.

  7. Open the Application Library to confirm that the applications are in Performance Management Architect.

  8. Navigate to Dimension Library, and review the dimensions that were added to Performance Management Architect.

  9. Open the application.


When a Classic Planning application is transformed to Performance Management Architect, the first occurrence of a member in Planning is shared, after the transformation, the member remains shared, and the hierarchies in Planning and Performance Management Architect are identical.