Extracting General Ledger Data

Follow this process to extract general ledger metadata and data and push into target EPM applications:


This procedure is option. It is required only if you connect to Enterprise or Hyperion Strategic Finance.

  1. Register Source systems in ERP Integrator by adding details of Oracle Data Integrator, ERP Integrator, and specific to the source system.

  2. Enable FDM applications for use with ERP Integrator.

  3. Register target applications for use with ERP Integrator.

  4. Select the Source Accounting Entities.

  5. Define import formats and locations.

  6. Create metadata rules.

  7. Create period mappings for Year and Period dimensions.

  8. Create category mappings for the Scenario dimension.

  9. Create the member mappings and data load rules.

  10. Run the metadata rules to import metadata into Performance Management Architect or Classic Financial Management or Planning applications.

    If you use Performance Management Architect, you also deploy or redeploy the applications.

  11. Run data rules to extract data from the source system and push into target applications. Data and/or metadata is staged in the ERP Integrator staging tables, extracted from the source system, and loaded into the target application.

    The data loaded is used for multiple purposes by the respective target applications (Planning, Financial Management, or Essbase). In addition, the sourced data can also be used for drill through from web forms in the applications or Smart View and Financial Reporting.