Defining Reports

To ensure that the design meets user information requirements, you must view data as users view it. Users typically view data through spreadsheets, printed reports, or reports published on the Web. Oracle and its partners offer many tools for producing the reporting systems that users use.

Several tools can help you display and format data quickly, and test whether the database design meets user needs. You can use the Report Script Editor in Administration Services Console to write report scripts quickly. Those familiar with spreadsheets can use the Spreadsheet Add-in or Smart View (Smart View requires Provider Services).

During the design phase, check for the following things:

Be sure to use the appropriate tool to create and test predesigned use reports against the test data. The reports that you design should provide information that meets your original objectives. The reports should be easy to use, providing the right combinations of data and the right amount of data. Because reports with too many columns and rows are difficult to use, you may need to create several reports instead of one all‑inclusive report.