Verifying the Design

After you analyze the data and create a preliminary design, check all aspects of the design with users. You should already have verified that the database satisfies the users’ analysis and reporting needs. Ensure that the database satisfies all of their goals.

Do the calculations provide the information they need? Are they able to generate reports quickly? Are they satisfied with consolidation times? In short, ask users if the database works for them.

Near the end of the design cycle, test with real data. Does the outline build correctly? Does all data load? If the database fails in any area, repeat the steps of the design cycle to identify the cause of the problem.

Essbase provides several sources of information to help you isolate problems. Sources include application and Essbase Server logs, exception logs, and database information accessible from Administration Services. Look at documentation topics relevant to your problem; for example, topics about security, calculations, reports, or general error messages. Use the index of this guide for help in solving problems. Look up such terms as troubleshooting, logs, optimizing, performance, recovery, resources, errors, and warnings.

Most likely, you will need to repeat one or more steps of the design process to arrive at the ideal database solution.