Developing Calculation Scripts for Block Storage Databases

In This Section:

Using Calculation Scripts

Process for Creating Calculation Scripts

Understanding Calculation Script Syntax

Using Calculation Commands

Using Formulas in Calculation Scripts

Using a Calculation Script to Control Intelligent Calculation

Grouping Formulas and Calculations

Using Substitution and Environment Variables in Calculation Scripts

Clearing and Copying Data

Calculating a Subset of a Database

Exporting Data Using the DATAEXPORT Command

Enabling Calculations on Potential Blocks

Using Calculation Scripts on Partitions

Saving, Executing, and Copying Calculations Scripts

Checking Calculation Results

Estimating Disk Size for a Calculation

The information in this chapter applies only to block storage databases and is not relevant to aggregate storage databases.

Also see:

All of the examples in this chapter are based on the Sample.Basic database.

For more information about the calculation commands referenced in this chapter, see the Oracle Essbase Technical Reference.