Drilling Down to More Detail

Drilling down to more detail enables you to navigate down to lower levels in the multidimensional database.

You can specify which members are returned to the worksheet during a drill-down operation. The Zoom In option group contains items that enable you to customize drilling behavior. For example, if you select Bottom Level, Essbase retrieves data for the lowest level of members in a dimension.

The Member Retention option group contains items that enable you to customize drilling retention characteristics. The default selection, Include Selection, retains the selected member and the other members retrieved as a result of a drill down. For example, if you drill down on Qtr1, Essbase retrieves data for Jan, Feb, and Mar, and for Qtr1. When this option is disabled, Essbase retrieves data only for Jan, Feb, and Mar; Qtr1 is eliminated.

See also Zoom Page (Essbase Options Dialog Box).

  To drill down to more detail:

  1. Select the member on which to drill down.

  2. Select Essbase, and then Zoom In.

Because spreadsheets can accommodate more rows than columns, Essbase retrieves data into rows, by default, when you drill down on a member.

  To drill across columns, press Alt while double-clicking the member name you want to expand, and then release Alt.

Essbase expands the data into columns.


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