Navigating Through Spreadsheets

Navigating through the spreadsheet involves drill-down or drill-up operations. Drilling down is the process of retrieving more detailed data within a dimension. You can drill down into more detailed data until you reach the lowest level of a dimension as defined in the database outline (see Drilling Down to More Detail). For example, for the Year dimension in the Sample Basic database, you can drill down to the quarter level, and drill down further to the month level. Drilling up is the opposite of drilling down, where you move up the hierarchy within a dimension to less detailed data (see Drilling Up to Less Detail.

The Essbase Options dialog box enables you to customize the behavior of the Zoom In and Zoom Out menu commands. You can use the zoom options in the Essbase Options dialog box to control the depth (or level) of the drill down, the grouping) of retrieved members, and the removal of unselected member groups.