Loading Spreadsheet Add-in

If you manually update your environment settings or if you removed Spreadsheet Add-in from the Excel environment, you must use the Excel add-in tool to load Spreadsheet Add-in in Excel. Loading Spreadsheet Add-in adds the Essbase menu to the Excel menu bar and points Excel to the Spreadsheet Add-in file (essexcln.xll) in EPM_ORACLE_HOME/products/Essbase/EssbaseClient/bin.

  To load Spreadsheet Add-in in Excel:

  1. In Excel, select Tools, and then Add-Ins.

  2. In Add-ins, click Browse.

    The Browse dialog box is displayed.

  3. Locate essexcln.xll and select it.

    The file is in the EPM_ORACLE_HOME/products/Essbase/EssbaseClient/bin directory where you installed Spreadsheet Add-in.

  4. Click OK twice to close the dialog boxes.

    Loading Spreadsheet Add-in in Excel modifies the Windows Registry to point to where the Spreadsheet Add-in file is installed.

  5. Start Spreadsheet Add-in.

    If Excel does not contain an Essbase menu, see the Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Installation and Configuration Troubleshooting Guide.