Activating the Essbase Toolbar

In Excel, Spreadsheet Add-in provides a toolbar with icons for accessing most of the common Essbase commands, without having to open the Essbase menu. You can view a description of a toolbar icon by moving the cursor over the icon.

Before you can use the Essbase toolbar, you must activate it.

  To activate the Essbase toolbar:

  1. Start Excel.

  2. Select File, and then Open.

  3. From  EPM_ORACLE_HOME/products/Essbase/EssbaseClient/client/sample, open esstoolb.xls.


    If you cannot locate the file, contact your Essbase system administrator.

    A blank worksheet opens.


    If Excel displays warning messages related to macros, select to Enable Macros. Macros must be enabled for the Essbase toolbar to work.

  4. Select File, and then Close, to close esstoolb.xls.

    Do not modify or save this file.

  5. From the Excel menu bar, select View, then Toolbars, and then Oracle Essbase.

    A check to the left of Oracle Essbase indicates that the toolbar is active.

    See Table 1 for information on the commands available from the Essbase menu and toolbar.