MaxL Statements (Aggregate Storage)

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Some MaxL grammar is applicable only to aggregate storage mode, and some standard grammar is not applicable to aggregate storage mode. The following statements support aggregate storage application and database operations.

The MaxL grammar is case-insensitive. Semicolon statement-terminators are required when using the MaxL Shell. However, do not use semicolons at the end of statements passed using Perl functions. Key words of the MaxL grammar are represented in this document in lower-case. Terminals, represented in upper-case, are to be replaced by the appropriate names, numbers, privileges, or strings. For more information about components of MaxL statements, see MaxL Definitions.


Login is part of the separate command shell grammar, not the MaxL language itself. You can use the login statement with the MaxL Shell, but it is not embeddable in Perl. For Perl, use connect (user, password, host);.