Syntax Conventions

This document uses several formatting styles to indicate actions you should take or types of information you need.

UPPERCASECommand or function names in syntax.BEGINARCHIVE
italicTerms, such as parameters, that you replace with a valueESSGETSTRING (hCtx, pString);


The dimList argument...

" "Double quotation marks enclose text parameters or single parameters that include a space"appName"


!Report Writer: The report output character (bang) signals the start of report processing; this character must be on its own line
... // commands
( )

Parentheses are used in a couple of ways:

  • To enclose function parameters

  • To show the order of execution of the enclosed operations

ESSGETSTRING (hCtx, pString);

(a + b) * c

//Comment markers in report scripts. Double slashes (//) indicate text from // to end of line should be ignored in processing.

// Get results

/* ... */Comment markers in calculation scripts. The /* ... */ comment markers indicate the enclosed text should be ignored in processing.

/*Get results*/

;Statement terminatorEXIT;
[]Brackets enclose optional parameters in syntax . Used with OR symbol | if there is more than one optional parameter. Do not type brackets or the OR symbol |.INDENT [ offset ]
[, numeric]

[, "text"]

Indicates an optional numeric (no quotes) or character (quoted) parameter and the comma which must precede the optional parameter. Do not type the brackets.[, year]

[, "columnName"]

{}Braces group statements for processing, enclose alternatives, one of which you must choose

Report Writer: Enclose report formatting commands

HELP { ? | commandName }{ SUPFORMATS }


Syntax: OR. Separates alternatives from which you choose only one. Do not type the OR symbol.


<Report Writer: Angle bracket precedes layout and member selection commands.<PAGE
@Essbase calculation functions: Precedes many function names@ABS
->Essbase calculation functions: Cross-dimensional operator (a hyphen followed by a greater-than sign) points to data values of specific member combinations -> (cross-dimensional operator)Price -> West = AVGRANGE