Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management Adapter for Strategic Finance

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This document includes important, late-breaking information about this release of the Oracle® Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Fusion Edition (FDM) adapter for Oracle Hyperion Strategic Finance (Strategic Finance). Review this information thoroughly before installing the adapter.


The FDM adapter for Strategic Finance is a target adapter that allows users to load data from FDM into Strategic Finance.

Date Created:               02/10/12

Adapter Versions:          SF11x-G4-E.xml

Compatibility:      See the FDM Readme. 


To add the Strategic Finance adapter to an FDM application:

1.    From FDM Workbench, open an FDM application.

2.    Select the Adapters tab.

3.    Select File, and then Import. The Open Metadata Import File dialog box is displayed.

4.    Browse to find the file named SF11x-G4-E.xml and click Open.

5.    Click OK. The FDM adapter for Strategic Finance is displayed in the list of imported target adapters.

6.    Select File, and then Register Adapter. The Register Adapter dialog box is displayed.

7.    Browse to find the file named SF11xG4E.dll and click Open.

8.    Click OK.


To configure the adapter:

9.    In FDM Workbench, from the Adapters tab, select the adapter.

10. Expand Target System Adapters.

11. Right-click the adapter (SF11x-G4E) and select Options. The Adapter Options dialog box is displayed. The Options menu enables you to select any of the options for the selected adapter and change the option settings.

12. Set the adapter options per the guidelines in the following Table:

Table 1 - Adapter Guidelines

Option Name

Information Required

Required for…

Timeout Value (in seconds)

Enter the desired HSF Web Service Timeout Value here. Default setting is 300 seconds (5 minutes).

Loading Data

Strategic Finance Base Entity

Name of the base entity that will be used (as default entity) when browsing target members.

Browsing members

Strategic Finance Database Name

Name of the target Strategic Finance database.

Connecting to target Strategic Finance database

Strategic Finance Server Name

Name of the Strategic Finance server. Enter “HSFServer” in this field. This is the value that is automatically entered in the system registry when Strategic Finance is installed.

Connecting to target Strategic Finance database

Logon Method

Unified: FDM user is passed to Strategic Finance for authentication.

Global: Global user that will be used for all FDM users.

Connecting to target Strategic Finance database

Global Logon Information

Required when Logon Method is set to 2‑Global.

Connecting to target Strategic Finance database


On/Off switch to enable Hyperion Single-Sign-On when a token is passed to FDM.

Connecting to target Strategic Finance database

Enable Load

On/Off switch for the Load action.

Loading data

Enable Validation Report

On/Off switch for the Validate action.

Check step

Enable Consolidation

Consolidation is currently not an option.

Not used

Default Decimal Indicator

Not used.

Not used

Default DAT file Delimiter

The delimiter used to create the data file during the Export step.

Export step

Load Method

0 – Replace: Only option

Loading data

Load Option1

Not used

Not used


Not used

Not used


Not used

Not used

Zero No Data

Not used

Not used


Not used

Not used


Not used

Not used


13. Right-click Machine Profiles and select Add Machine Profile. Enter the appropriate information in the following fields:

a.    Source Machine—Name of the FDM machine that will connect to Strategic Finance. This should be the name of the FDM application server.

b.    Target Machine—Name of the Strategic Finance server. This must be the actual server name, not the server name that is displayed when logging in to Strategic Finance, which could be an alias.

c.    (optional) User Name—Global override username. This will override the Logon Method adapter option (if populated).

d.    (optional) Password—Password for the user specified in part c of this step.

e.    (optional) Domain—Domain of the users specified in part c of this step.

Using the Adapter

Information on using this adapter is included in the FDM Administrator’s Guide.


·         The entity defined in the Strategic Finance Base Entity option is the default entity that will be used for all locations. This option is only used during mapping exercises. If a location must reference a different entity (for its members), change the entity in the Locations screen.

·         To change the Entity in the Locations screen:

14. Under the Metadata menu, click Locations.

15. Select the location that will be using a different base entity.

16. Select the Integration Options tab.

17. In the Option 2 box, enter the name of the base entity for this location.

Note: If you have already browsed for a member prior to making this change, you must log out and then log in to FDM to apply the changes and clear the cached members.

·         Drill-through functionality is only available with Strategic Finance releases and later.

·         See the FDM Readme for Additional information regarding this adapter.