Assigning File Permissions to Snapshots and Snapshot Books

To allow other users and groups to view snapshots and snapshot books in BI Catalog that you create when running a batch, you must assign access rights to the users and groups.

  To assign or remove access to snapshots:

  1. Click Navigate, then Schedule, and then Batch Scheduler.

  2. Select a batch, then select Edit, and then Properties.

  3. In Schedule Batch, click Next until the Destinations area of the Schedule Batch dialog is displayed.

  4. Select Save As Snapshot in Repository.

  5. Select File Permissions, and then click Update List.


    If you remove all users, groups, and roles for a batch, then only an administrator can see the snapshot output generated by the batch in the repository.

  6. Select the Users, Groups, or Roles tab, and move the desired user, groups, or roles to the Selected Users, Groups and Roles pane.

  7. In the Selected Users, Groups, and Roles pane, click the Access drop-down in a row and assign a level of access. Do this for each row in the pane.

  8. Click OK to return to Schedule Batch.