Opening Books or Snapshot Books

After you save a book, you can open it to maintain, print, or preview the book in HTML or PDF format. When you preview a book, a table of contents is displayed with a list of reports in the book. When you preview a snapshot book, the Table of Contents is displayed as a PDF or HTML file, depending on you preference setting. Snapshot books cannot be changed, but they can be previewed, printed, and viewed.

  To open a book or snapshot book:

  1. From EPM Workspace repository, navigate to a book or snapshot book and select File, and then Open In.

  2. Perform an action:

    • To view the book in PDF, select PDF Preview.

    • To view the book in HTML, select HTML Preview.

    • To view a printed version of the book, select Complete Book in PDF.

  3. The Content area displays the Book Table of Contents, and the tab at the bottom of the browser displays the book name and View (for example, TestBook - View). The report, snapshot, or member name is displayed on every row for which it applies in the Book Table of Contents.

  4. Select a report or snapshot in the Book Table of Contents, and then click Show Report. The report or snapshot is displayed in the Content area in HTML or PDF format, with the Report Name and POV in the tab description.

  5. To close the book or snapshot book, select File, then Close, and then Current.