About Designing Documents

For the Financial Reporting module, you can define and save batches using EPM Workspace new document wizard and copy and delete batches in the repository. Deleting a batch requires file permissions to the batch. By default, only the scheduling user is assigned access rights to snapshots and snapshot books in the repository. If you have file permissions to a batch, you can run every report in the batch when scheduled. The scheduling user can assign file permissions to other users and groups at the time of scheduling.

Scheduled batches have a scheduled batch POV (Point of View), which you can modify while scheduling. You can also specify prompt information for the batch. The POV and prompt information provides values for the POV and prompts specified for each book and report contained in the batch. You can schedule batches to be processed immediately or in the future.

Reports or snapshot reports created in Reporting Studio and other artifacts located in the repository such as text and PDF files and Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, and Word files, as well as URLs, can be assembled into a book, enabling you to generate their output in one session from EPM Workspace. For example, you can schedule a set of reports and other artifacts to run monthly. You can configure books to generate several versions of a report and different member selections. A book containing those reports can be run at once. The reports contained in the book can be printed or viewed individually or as a whole..

Two types of books can be defined and saved to the repository:

A book contains a book POV, which is a combination of all dimensions in the user POVs for each report in the book. Dimensions that are not defined in a report, default to the user POV member, and the dimensions are displayed in the book POV of the Book Editor. You can also select the user POV as a member on the book POV, allowing you to modify the parameters, because they are no longer stored in the book definition.

The member selected for a dimension in the book POV is used in each report referencing the book POV for that dimension. The data sources in the POV match the data sources used by the reports in the book.


When a book is scheduled as part of a batch, the dimension referring to the user POV are controlled by the scheduled batch POV.

Tasks that can be performed with books and snapshot books: