Selecting Members

When working with books in the Book Editor, you can modify and select members for the book point of view. You can select members, create and save member lists, and select functions that dynamically retrieve members from the database connection.

The following figure shows the Member Selection dialog box for the product dimension. The left panel shows the Members, Lists, and Functions tabs. For information on member lists and functions, see the Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting Studio User’s Guide. You can add column headings in the Members tab.

Figure 1. Member Selection Dialog Box

The image shows  members available for selection.


Substitution variables have been placed in a directory.

  To add column headings to the left panel of the Members tab display, select Show Properties, Show Properties icon, then select the column name.

  To view a hierarchy other than the one that is displayed:

  1. Click a hierarchical dimension in the Available area of the Members tab.

  2. Click the Hierarchy drop-down list, then select the hierarchy.

  3. Click OK.


    The properties below the Available area are displayed only if you are reporting on Hyperion Financial Management Organization by Period for the Entity dimension. Both the parent and the entities that belong to the parent are displayed.

When you run a report, the entity name, not the parent name, is displayed.