Creating Hyperlinks in Microsoft Word

In a Microsoft Word document, you can insert hyperlinks by copying and pasting the document's URL from these locations:

When creating a book, all POVs from all reports (reports specified in FRExecute and hyperlinks) are included in the appropriate chapters.


When selecting a .doc or .html document containing hyperlinks in book HTML/PDF preview, the contents of the hyperlink is not displayed, even when setting “Include Related Content in HTML Table of Content”.

  Creating hyperlinks in a Microsoft Word document:

  1. In Workspace, right-click a Financial Reporting report or file to which you want to apply as a hyperlink, and then select Properties.

  2. The Properties dialog is displayed.The graphic shows the Properties dialog.

  3. To the right of the SmartCut label, copy the document's URL. Exit Workspace.

  4. Open your Word document. To paste the URL, right-click inside the Word document where you want the link to display, and select Hyperlink.

  5. In the Text to display field, enter the description that you want associated with the link.

  6. In the Address field, paste the URL that you previously copied in Workspace.

  7. Click OK.

  8. Save the Word document as a .doc or .html file. Saving the document as an .html file will provide better performance. For illustrations of applying a link and output, see Illustration of Page with Links and FRExecute and Illustration of Output Containing Links and FRExecute.


    For processing behavior using links, see Processing Behavior of Hyperlinks and FRExecute.

Illustration of Page with Links and FRExecute

Example Page with Links and FRExecute

Illustration of Output Containing Links and FRExecuteIllustration of Output containing Links and FRExecute