Using the Web Launcher

The Business Rules Web Launcher is designed for business users who need to run business rules that address their business needs. Business users use the Web Launcher to run business rules that you create for them. To use the Web Launcher, a business user must have Calculate access to at least one database on Essbase server.

*  To lo on to Business Rules Web Launcher:

  1. Enter the URL for the Web Launcher.

    Business users must browse to the URL that their administrators provide, using Microsoft Internet Explorer.

    The URL for the Business Rules Web Launcher is:

    http://[Computer name]:[port]/hbrlauncher

    where [Computer name] : [port] is the name and port where the Essbase server is running. (10080 is the default port.)

    Your administrator can provide you with the computer name and port number, if the default port number is not used.

    After you enter the Web Launcher URL, the Logon page is displayed.

  2. In the Server text box, select a server name from the drop-down list.

  3. In the User text box, enter your user name.

  4. In the Password text box, enter the password that corresponds with your user name.

  5. Click Logon.

    The Business Rules Home page is displayed. The Business Rules Home Page allows the user to select a business rule to launch.

For information on using Business Rules Web Launcher, see the Hyperion Business Rules Web Launcher User’s Guide or the Hyperion Business Rules Web Launcher Online Help.