Type Libraries for Loading and Extracting

Financial Management exposes objects for loading and extracting security information, member lists, rules, data, and journals, and for extracting metadata. These libraries expose client tier Application Components (ACVs) that transfer information between tiers by talking to application server tier Application Components (ACMs). Each ACV contains a SetSession method.SetSession returns an HsvSession object reference that points to the application for which information is to be loaded or extracted.

The following table lists the type libraries for loading and extracting information.

Table 2. Type Libraries for Loading and Extracting

Type Library

Corresponding Features


Loading and extracting security information.


Extracting metadata.


Loading and extracting member lists and rules.


Loading and extracting data.


Loading and extracting journals and journal templates.


The objects in these type libraries are introduced in About the Type Libraries and Objects. The chapter includes a brief description of each object’s properties and methods.