Synchronizing Smart Lists in Reporting Applications

For Classic Planning applications that map Smart Lists to dimensions in reporting applications, you can synchronize Smart Lists in the Planning application. This identifies dimensions in reporting applications to which Smart Lists are mapped, and adds level 0 members of the selected dimensions as new Smart List entries to the selected Smart Lists. See Mapping Planning Applications to Reporting Applications.

  To synchronize Smart Lists in reporting applications:

  1. Select Administration, then Manage, then Smart Lists.

  2. Click Synchronize, then click OK.

    During synchronization, values from reporting applications in all existing mappings are appended after the last Smart List item in the appropriate Smart list. If a Smart List is mapped to two dimensions, all members from the first mapping are inserted first, and then members from the second mapping are inserted. If a member already exists in a Smart List, it is not added again. Smart List members in the Planning Smart Lists are not deleted, even if the corresponding dimension members on the reporting application are deleted.


    If Account is mapped as Smart List to Dimension, all of the level 0 members in the Account dimension are brought in as Smart List entries when the Smart List is synchronized. For example, Smart Lists may include entries such as HSP_Average and HSP_Ending. If this occurs, delete the extra entries from the Smart List. See Adding or Changing Smart List Entries.

  3. If Smart List items are mapped to more than one dimension, create a new Smart List with a new name, and then manually transfer related data.