Setting Form Grid Properties

Form grid properties set the general form row and column display.

  To set form grid properties:

  1. Open the form, and then click Layout.

    See Selecting and Opening Forms and Folders.

  2. In Grid Properties, set general row and column properties using the information in this table:

Table 43. Form Grid Properties



Suppress missing blocks

(Rows only) Improves the performance of the Suppress missing data setting when suppressing a large number of rows, for example, 90% or more. The Suppress missing blocks setting can degrade performance if few or no rows are suppressed. Test forms before and after using this setting to determine whether performance is improved. Also test forms whenever you make significant changes to your application.

With this setting selected, attributes may not display in forms, certain suppressed blocks may ignore Dynamic Calc members, and row members do not display as indented.

Suppress missing data

Hides rows or columns without data. Clear to display rows or columns with “#MISSING” in cells when data is missing.

Default Column width

  • Small: Display seven decimal places

  • Medium: Display 10 decimal places

  • Large: Display 13 decimal places

  • Size-to-Fit: Force all column headings to fit in the displayed space

  • Custom: Select a custom size to display more than 13 decimal places, up to 999 places