Customizing Text, Color, and Images

You can customize text, color, and images for these items in the Planning Web interface:

Whenever you add labels, you must add them to the HspCustomMsgs resource file. For example, when you add Smart List entries or menu items, include labels in the resource file. When your application is localized, update the corresponding resource file. For example, to localize an application into three languages, add labels to all three localized HspCustomMsg files (each with their language code in the filename) and include the translated words. Note:

  To customize text, color, and images:

  1. After extracting the HyperionPlanning.ear file to a temporary location, locate these files: HspCustomMsgs_en.template and HspCustomImgs_en.template.

    These template files are in the custom directory where the HyperionPlanning.war file was extracted.

  2. Copy and paste HspCustomMsgs_en.template and HspCustomImgs_en.template to a temporary location.

  3. Rename the files and

  4. Update the content of and

    Each line in represents a customizable text resource. Each line in represents a customizable color or image resource.

    The lines start with the name of the resource, an equal sign, and the customizable resource. You need not include punctuation at the end of lines. Carriage returns signal the end of the resource.

    For example, you can change the Tools menu label from “Tools: Analyze and Report” to “Tools: Additional Resources” by changing this line in the file:

    LABEL_HOME_TOOLS=Tools: Analyze and Report


    LABEL_HOME_TOOLS=Tools: Additional Resources

  5. Save and add the updated files to HyperionPlanning.ear, copy the file to the following location, and then perform a redeploy for the changes to be picked up:


  6. Stop and restart the Web application server.

For information on customizing error messages for business rule calculations in the HspCustomMsgs file, see Customizing Error Messages.