Copying Data

You can copy plans from one dimensional intersection to another, including relational data and supporting detail. For example, you can copy Budget, FY10, Final to Forecast, FY11, First Draft. Notes:

  To copy data:

  1. Select Administration, then Manage, and then Copy Data.

  2. For Plan Type, select a plan type, and click Go.

    You can copy from one plan type at a time. When you click Go, dimensions are displayed for this plan type.

  3. For Static Dimensions, enter the members for the data intersections:

    1. For Dimension, select a dimension from which to copy.

    2. For Members, click Member Selection to make a selection from which to copy. You can select multiple members. You must select at least one member for Scenario, Account, Entity, Period, and Version dimensions.

  4. Optional: To add another static dimension to the list, click Add Dimension and enter dimension members. (To remove a dimension, select None - Select a Dimension. The dimension moves to the Dimensions with Source and Destination area.)

  5. For Dimensions with Source and Destination, enter dimensions into which to copy data:

    1. For Source, click Member Selection

    2. For Destination, click Member Selection.

  6. For Copy Data Options, select the type of information to copy:

    • Copy Account Annotations

    • Copy Supporting Details

    • Copy Comments

  7. Click Copy Data.

    Data is copied from one intersection to the other. If data is not copied successfully, a message displays. You can also check the log file.

  8. To copy data for another plan type, select another plan type in step 2, and repeat the procedure.


To view the execution status of Copy Data, see “Checking Job Status” in the Oracle Hyperion Planning User's Guide.