Launching Profitability and Cost Management

Profitability and Cost Management can only be accessed through EPM Workspace.

  To access Profitability and Cost Management:

  1. Ensure the following applications have been configured, and are running:

    • EPM Workspace

    • Shared Services

    • Performance Management Architect

    • Essbase (for Standard Profitability only)

    • Profitability and Cost Management

    See the Hyperion EPM System Installation and Configuration Guide and the Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Installation Start Here for instructions.

  2. In your Web browser, access the EPM Workspace Web page.

    By default, the URL is http://server name:19000/workspace/ where the server name is the Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) server name.

  3. Enter the EPM Workspace user name and password.


    Both the user name and password are case-sensitive.

  4. Click Log On.

    The main EPM Workspace page is displayed.

  5. Select Navigate, then Applications, then Profitability and then select the application you want to view.