Driver Measures

Driver Measures are used in the creation of driver types.

Table 10. Driver Measures

Member NameAliasDescriptionCalculated or Input
FixedDriverValueFixedDVDefault measure for use with driver types that require a fixed driver value parameterInput
RateRateDefault measure for use with driver types that require a rate parameterInput
QuantityQtyDefault measure for use with driver types that require a quantity parameterInput
WeightWeightDefault measure for use with driver types that require a weight parameterInput
PercentagePercentDefault measure for use with a percentage driver typeInput
CalculatedDriverValueCDVMeasure that is the result of the driver formula used in an assignmentCalculated
TotalDriverValueTDVMeasure that is used as the denominator in the allocation formula Driver Value/TotalDriverValue(DV/TDV)Calculated
EffectiveTotalDriverValueEffTDVMeasure that is used to store the Effective Driver Total for drivers that have the “Allow idle” box checked when the driver is defined. Calculated
OverrideTotalDriverValueOvrdTDVUser-entered value that overrides the TotalDriverValue measure as the denominator in allocations. This member causes idle calculations to be performed.Input
TotalDriverValueAfterReciprocalsTDVAftRcpMeasure that is used as the denominator in allocation formulas for non-reciprocal intrastage and post-stage allocations, when a source is involved in a reciprocal assignmentCalculated
IdleDriverValueIdleDVMeasure that is used as the driver value (DV) for calculating IdleCostCalculated

The member UserDefinedDriverMeasures is where the application-specific, user-defined driver measures are stored.

Set the ASOMember DataStorage and BSOMember DataStorage properties as follows:

— If this member does not have children, set to StoreData.

— If members are added as children to this member, and all these children have the consolidation symbols of IGNORE, then set to LabelOnly.


All driver measures must be unique in the outline. Do not use the name of an existing driver measure in a dimension in the outline as the name of another member (including system, POV and business dimensions) ; otherwise, the Data Entry screen will not properly display the values.