Reporting on Direct Allocations

A direct allocation is an allocation for which the source and destination intersections are directly linked by an assignment.

Example of Direct Allocation Report Selections

The example shows the layout of a Direct Allocation report, with source stage intersections in the rows and the destination stage intersections in the columns.

The sample report above shows the layout of dimensions used to create the direct allocation data report:

  1. AllocationType set to DirectAllocation

  2. All dimensions in other stages are set to NoMember.

  3. Source stage intersections

  4. Destination stage intersections

  To report on Direct Allocations:

  1. Generate and calculate the Essbase cube for the model, as outlined in Calculating Models.

  2. From your reporting application, connect to the Essbase cube.

  3. In the Source Stage, select members from each dimension on which you want to report.

  4. In the Destination Stage, select members from each dimension on which you want to report.


    If there is an intrastage allocation, use the dimensions with the suffix _intra to specify the destination intersections.

  5. From the AllocationType dimension, select DirectAllocation.

  6. Select a member from each POV dimension.

  7. From the Measures dimension, select the measures on which you want to report. See Measures Dimension for Standard Profitability.

  8. For all other dimensions, select NoMember.

  9. Using instructions for your reporting application, run the report.