Updating EPM System Application Servers

After upgrading to this release, update stored references to the Oracle Hyperion Planning, Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, or Oracle Hyperion Enterprise® servers in the maps and batches that you may use to import or export data. You can also perform a bulk update of Oracle Essbase server names as part of the upgrade.

  To update stored server references:

  1. Perform the steps in “Updating References to a Rehosted Essbase Server” in the Oracle® Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Installation and Configuration Guide.

  2. Launch and log on to the Strategic Finance Administrator.

  3. Select Server, and then Upgrade Connections.

    All available batches and maps on the Oracle Hyperion Strategic Finance Server display and are checked out to current user of the Administration application. Maps and batches checked out to other users are read-only.

  4. From Connection Type, select the product for which you import or export maps and batches.

  5. Select the maps and batch files to update.

  6. In New Server Name, enter the name of the product server.

  7. Click Update Selected. The selected maps and batches are updated.

  8. Click OK. All check out locks are released.