Creating a connection using Shared Connections

You can create a connection using Shared Connections, if you know the URL.

  To add a connection using a URL:

  1. To set the Shared Connection URL: From Smart View > Options > Advanced Tab > Shared Connections URL: http://[server]:[port]/workspace/SmartViewProviders

  2. From the Smart View ribbon, select Panel.

  3. From the Smart View panel, select the arrow next to the Home button, and then select Shared Connections.

  4. Provide the user authentication details and then using the Shared Connection drop-down list select the Oracle Hyperion Strategic Planning, Fusion Edition connection provider.

  5. Expand the Strategic Finance server node.

  6. Expand the Strategic Finance Database that you want to add to the connection and click OK.

For more information, see Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office User's Guide.