Provisioning Users and Groups with Essbase Server Roles

All Shared Services users can log in to Administration Services Console. The activities that users can perform in Administration Services Console, and by extension on the Essbase Server, are defined by the user's Essbase Server role assignments.

If Essbase is deployed in Shared Services mode, the Shared Services administrator user account is used initially to administer Essbase Server and applications.

  To provision users with Essbase server roles:

  1. Log in to Shared Services Console as administrator. See Launching Shared Services Console.

  2. From a configured user directory, find the user or group to provision. See Searching for Users, Groups, Roles, and Delegated Lists.

  3. Provision the user or group with an Essbase Server role.

    1. Right-click the user or group and select Provision.

    2. Optional: Select a view.

      Roles can be displayed in a hierarchy (tree) or a list. You must drill down the hierarchy to display available roles. The list view lists available roles but does not show their hierarchy.

    3. In Available Roles, expand the Essbase node; for example, EssbaseCluster-1.

    4. In the Essbase node, expand the node that represents the Essbase Server; for example, EssbaseCluster-1.

    5. Select Essbase Server roles and click Add (right arrow). Table 16 describes Essbase Server roles.

      Table 16. Essbase Server Roles


      Full access to administer Essbase Server, applications, and databases


      The Provisioning Manager role is automatically assigned when you migrate Essbase Administrators; however, when you create an Essbase Administrator in Shared Services Console, you must manually assign the Provisioning Manager role.

      Create/Delete ApplicationCreates and deletes applications and databases. Includes Application Manager and Database Manager permissions for the applications and databases created by this user.
      Server Access

      Accesses any application or database belonging to this Essbase Server. This level is the minimum access permission a user must have to access applications and databases.

      Provisioning ManagerProvisions users with roles of this Essbase server
    6. Click Save.

    7. Click OK.