Provisioning Users with Essbase Application Roles

Each Essbase server can have multiple Essbase applications, each with its own databases. Essbase server users must be provisioned separately to each application and its databases.

  To provision users with Essbase application roles:

  1. Log in to Shared Services Console as Shared Services Administrator.

    See Accessing EPM System Products.


    Users provisioned with Provisioning Manager role from an Essbase application can provision other users with roles from the application.

  2. Find a user or group to provision.

    See Searching for Users, Groups, Roles, and Delegated Lists.

  3. Select Administration and then Provision.

  4. Optional: Select a view.

    Roles can be displayed in a hierarchy (tree) or a list. Drill down the hierarchy to display available roles. The list view lists available roles but does not show their hierarchy.

  5. Expand the node that represents your Essbase Server; for example, EssbaseCluster–1.

  6. Under the Essbase Server node, expand the node representing the Essbase application that you created in the preceding section.

  7. Select Essbase application roles, and click Add (right arrow). Table 17 describes Essbase application roles and their embedded permissions.

    Table 17. Essbase Application Roles

    Application Manager

    Creates, deletes, and modifies databases and application settings within the assigned application. Includes Database Manager permissions for databases within the application. An Application Managers can delete only those applications and databases that he created.


    The Provisioning Manager role is automatically assigned to you when you migrate Essbase Application Managers; however, when you create an Essbase Application Manager in Shared Services Console, you must manually assign to yourself the Provisioning Manager role.

    Database ManagerManages the databases, database artifacts, and locks within the assigned application
    CalcCalculates, updates, and reads data values based on assigned scope, using any assigned calculations and filter
    WriteUpdates and reads data values based on assigned scope, using any assigned filter
    ReadReads data values
    FilterAccesses specific data and metadata according to filter restrictions
    Start/Stop ApplicationStarts and stops applications or databases
    Provisioning ManagerProvisions Essbase users with roles from this application
  8. Click Save.

  9. Click OK.

  10. Optional: Repeat step 2step 8 to provision other users with roles from this Essbase application.

  11. Optional: Repeat step 6step 9 to provision the selected user with roles from other Essbase applications belonging to this Essbase Server.