Defining Access Controls

Essbase application roles grant wide-ranging access to the artifacts stored in the application's database. You can set limits to artifact access by defining access controls. Essbase artifacts include filters and calculation scripts.

  To grant access to Essbase artifacts:

  1. Log in to Shared Services Console as Foundation Services administrator. See Accessing EPM System Products.

  2. In the View Pane, expand Application Groups, and then expand the Essbase server node; for example, EssbaseCluster–1.

  3. Right-click the Essbase application for which artifact access permissions are to be set, and then select Assign Access Control.

    The Application tab opens. By default, this tab lists the users who are provisioned with roles belonging to this Essbase application. You can list all users and groups or only available groups.

  4. Select the users and groups for which artifact access controls are to be set and move them to the selected list.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Select the users who should receive access to artifacts.

  7. From Filter, select the database security filter to which the users should be granted access.

  8. From Calc, select the calculation script that the selected users can access.

  9. Select the check mark next to Calc.

  10. Repeat step 7step 9 to assign access to more filters and calculation scripts.

  11. Click Save.